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Nov 24, 2013 6:30pm EST
landover, maryland. hello everybody, i'm bruce johnson. thanks for joining us. it's an unbelievable crime. a 26-year-old postal worker gunned down while delivering mail, which happened in the 1600 block of reed street around 7:30 last night. this evening prince george's county police are asking for help in identifying suspects. they are offering a $25,000 reward. get this, they are putting up another $100,000 for others. surae chinn begins our coverage tonight. >> and to know that he is gone, it's like, well, unreal. it's like unreal. >> reporter: a friend and former co-worker drove to the crime scene, where the 26-year- old tyson barnett of upper marlboro was shot and killed on the sign of the delivery route saturday night in landover. see you know, a life is taken. and it is so easy as it seems like it is senseless and people, they don't care now. and it is not precious to people anymore. >> i knew that they had gunshots because i know what they sound like as i got up and they started running. >> it'd be the rarest. >> reporter: he is the president of the rockville branch of the n
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1